Up at 5 and in Chichester for Christie Scheele’s mentoring workshop by 10, a long drive in heavy rain made longer by running up against a “Road Closed” sign, which added a half hour to my trip as I retraced my path to take another route.  Oh well, it gave me more time to enjoy the rain-grayed mountains with their feather boas of mist.  Christie and we five artists shared work and ideas for three hours, after which I had lunch with A.T. at the Alamo in Phoenicia, picked up old work and left new at Arts Upstairs, and got home at 5.  Christie’s sessions and talk time with A.T. always make me focus on what I’m doing, where I’m going, art-wise. I’m having trouble finding the time to get into a project…that elusive open-ended uninterrupted time…and I just came across a quote I pulled out of somewhere (I think it was a response on Robert Genn’s site) which I’ll share because I feel too drained to produce anything original this evening:

Recovering the isolation
by Lorelle Miller, CA, USA

How do I push away the world that surrounds me? The one I created, the bed I have made. To go back to the isolation that once brought me to my art. The place that was purely mine. I think about running away, packing my bags, living under a bridge. A fantasy, ridiculous. The great challenge is the discipline to find and/or create that island around me in the midst of my personal world. The world of family, finance, the everyday. To set up a mental fortress where the focus can reside. I long for where the discipline takes me. The sweat, the intensity and the knowing of my game. As if running a marathon, the pure self-indulgence of doing what I do best, uninterrupted. A sweet pleasure, the pure now. I lock up the doors of my sanctuary; enter back to my world as if I have returned from a great adventure. It was a good run and I am ready to face it all again, that cherished world of mine. Where I am surrounded by the wanting, needing arms of those love.

This image seems a fit; it’s a little vacated shop that intrigued me, in southern Maryland.  I used Art Rage to “paint” it on my Mac.  (Art Rage is a great cheap little program, if you have a Mac.  Google for it.)

A Moment in Time


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