Granola and gummy bears

I’m still feeling my way into this blog stuff; I don’t know how personal I want to make it, how much to write, blah blah blah.  I’m just shooting for getting something down about 3 times a week, and I figure it will take form as I go.  I wrote an entry the other day following a line of thought inspired by remembering a blog I used to enjoy, posted by a woman who made bowls and lived in the woods.  I felt like I was entering her life for awhile, and I loved walking into her studio with her in the mornings with tea and granola, settling in for a day of making and thinking, before entering my own life.  I wrote out a day the way I wish I could describe it, full of green tea and meditation and work and Proust and such.  Then I wrote a paragraph about the way my days really go, leaning much more toward wine and online scrabble and netflix.  Well.  That was a bit of a wake-up, seeing it laid out like that, and it was much too embarrassing to post.  It did jolt me into really looking at all the ways I waste time, all the little choices I make, too often the easiest or tastiest ones instead of those I’d feel proud of.  What if I lived in such a way that I could be proud of posting a day’s routine?  I wonder what that would look like.  Hmmm. Nope, probably won’t do that, but I really might make a change or two.

My major accomplishments today were getting to the gym for a workout, and grocery shopping for South Beach Diet foods.  I was digging goodies from the unsweetened candy bins when I stepped on a lemon gummy bear that someone had dropped, and from then on my left shoe made a very loud “pfschLOCK” sound at every step.  When I walked over the carpet areas, the carpet lifted with my shoe.  People were looking at me.  I finally scurried into the ladies’ room, ripped a little piece of paper towel off, applied it to the yellow goo, and with footsteps soft as little cat feet finished my shopping.

This seemed appropriate; it’s the cover I just did for the most recent edition of the Nutrition Action Healthletter, which I’ve been illustrating for years and years.


3 Responses to “Granola and gummy bears”

  1. Anique&Nesha Says:

    Love your post. Nesha is stretched out on the floor trying to stay cool.
    Love your images – green tea, netflix and squooshy bears. And great illustration.

  2. AKW Says:

    Great posts and illustrations! I sent you an email. I need to print out my tests now and then off to work. I’ll keep checking in, I promise. : )

  3. jerry Says:

    green tea..

    curious about what we should do… and why. would it be more fun than scrabble and wine and netflix? while art can be anything, a good life can’t be?

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