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Kim’s Studio

October 20, 2008

Friday night we visited Kim Alderman’s studio; she was part of the Woodstock Artists’ Studios Tour, and had a little preview party.  Her studio is nestled in the woods behind her house, and we crunched through the fallen leaves to find a group gathered around the fire pit outside the door.  The idea was to form something from clay, representing something good we wanted to happen, toss it in the fire, and watch it dry and explode, while sipping wine and nibbling Brie and Halvah.  Kim’s work is deep and beautiful, but the pictures can speak for themselves.  I’ve taken a couple of her classes, which I found transforming, and she’s about to start up a new series…I can’t wait!


found pictures

October 17, 2008

Stumbling, came across these gems.

declaration of human rights

October 12, 2008

October 3, 2008

DC friend Angela is arriving this afternoon, with her friend Susan, to hang her show at the Muddy Cup in Kingston, which opens tomorrow night.  I’m trying to get things cleaned up a bit between sneezing fits; this my allergy season and today is a very bad day, complete with raw throat and itchy eyes. How can something as tiny as a grain of pollen make a human so miserable?  Last night I went to life drawing at the Woodstock Artists Association (WAAM) and a couple of miles down the road, I realized I’d left my purse there.  (I also got stopped for speeding the other night–these brain lapses after a weekend at a Mindfulness retreat??) So I have to go back to Woodstock now to fetch it.  Problem is, I’m out of gas and my credit cards and money are duh, in my purse. Figured I was stuck, till I found a credit card in a pocket.  My sloppiness in putting cards away sometimes works in my favor.  I also broke my favorite mug, a beauty by Doris Licht, so I’m pretty crabby.  Tonight is the Gala at WAAM, their box auction–artists duded up boxes and they’ll be auctioned off.  I got a donor prize for mine, a gift certificate for Bistro-To-Go, so I will get to enjoy some of their delicious food.  I also got juried into Evolution, the members’ show.  Below are my box and the little painting that made the cut.