artwork progress

Upon returning from my trip to Kansas, I wanted to make some art about the feelings evoked by reconnecting with the place of my childhood, and leaving it behind.  I gathered some images; these are some old toy animals I found at a yard sale, which I scanned….animals

…an image of crows pulled from the internet (google image search)…

421626969_0d015b31f1_b…some shots taken on the road….kansas-backgrounds1And more.  I layered them, photoshopped them, and came up with this image:


I printed it onto Lazertran, a transfer paper, cut it into 4 4-inch images, and adhered them to small canvases.  Lesson learned: Paint the edges BEFORE applying.  It took forever to carefully paint the edges…!


When all were dried, I varnished them and glued them into the box I’d prepared by texturing with paper and medium, and this is the final product:



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7 Responses to “artwork progress”

  1. akw Says:

    Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore! Very interesting to see how you create your art.

  2. CheyAnne Sexton Says:

    I’ve been wanting to try putting my photos on blocks of wood and decopoughing them, so I liked you hint about painting the edges first.

  3. loelbarr Says:

    Good luck with your project! And glad you didn’t have to learn about pre-painting the edges the hard way!

  4. Patti O Says:

    I want a lazertran lesson. I know, I know, you have offered and I am just too damn busy to do anything these days. The last art play date I had with you turned out to be very inspiring and I produced some work which is always a treat. In fact, one of them I am entering in the December ASK show. The dogs, found a great frame and finished it up.

    They are great and I love how you gave us the visuals! xxpatti

  5. Patti O Says:

    oh and how did you scan those animals so nicely???????
    I got a new printer/scanner….a Canon.
    Similar inks to Epson. Mine died again….

  6. Revelle Taillon Says:

    I love this image! I’m a big Photoshop fan! Welcome to EDM!

  7. Cath Says:

    I love this image. I found this while searching for lazertran portraits as I’ve just done my first experimental project with lazertran. Love your layered collage xxx Cath

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