You can’t go home…

This is the second four-panel piece in the series I’m doing about my trip back to Kansas.  I’m trying to capture the sensation of returning to my childhood neighborhood…I see it as it is now, solid and physical and changed over the years, but superimposed on that are my memories, and it’s a strange feeling, like being in two places, or being two people, at the same time.  I can’t quite seem to reconcile then and now.  I took a photo of my old house, where I lived from the ages of two till twelve, copied it into the four panels, and then started messing with it, adding elements which arise from memories, including a photo of our family house as it was in about 1955.  It’s become completely run-down…peeling paint, overgrown with weeds, and it’s sad to remember how carefully and lovingly my parents tended it.



One Response to “You can’t go home…”

  1. akw Says:

    Love this.

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