Another photo-collage

This one was particular agony…the first of the series just “happened,” seemingly without any effort on my part, the second one emerged with some struggle from my memories, the third…a lucky accident.  But this one…I guess I’m trying too hard now, wanting to have this little series and make a piece that matches the others, but I’m not sure if the four parts really work with each other.  I’m having a lot of trouble with my printers; neither one matches the richness and color I see on my screen.  Well, I’ll proceed with the thing tomorrow and try not to judge in until it’s in its little box, and on the wall.sunset-swing


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2 Responses to “Another photo-collage”

  1. artwordstea Says:

    I love what you’ve been doing with the images from your recent road trip- they are evocative and slightly menacing- a combination I like.

  2. Patti O Says:

    As always your work is amazing. There is a program I believe that can calibrate the screen to your printer so that you get the same out put. I don’t know by whom, but I bet if you googled it or emailed Adobe, they would help you with that? xxpatti

    cute little girl!

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