blogging my butt

Yep, I finally did it, the dreaded colonoscopy.  I was scared shitless, but just as people told me, it was as easy as falling off a log, and in and out procedure.  Everything came out okay, and I’ve now repooperated.  bullcolonoscopy

To change the subject (please), I’ve just made some more ACEO’s and sent them off to Arts Upstairs.  I felt inspired by the antique paper collages of Cecil Touchon, loving the colors and textures of the papers and the simple and elegant way he placed them.

Of course I don’t want to copy him in any way, but I dug through my old family stuff and pulled out some lovely pieces: my grandfather’s diaries, a great-aunt’s autograph book, letters from my grandmother to my dad when he was in college, etc.  Now, it’s not easy to tear pages out of these precious relics, and I’m careful about how I do it, but I’m liking the results and the sense of history/mystery they give these tiny objects.  Here are the recent cards—not all use the old paper, there’s a mix here, but I never can stick to doing just one thing!

New ACEO's

New ACEO's


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4 Responses to “blogging my butt”

  1. artwordstea Says:

    “I was scared shitless,……. Everything came out okay,” hahahahahaha! I’m glad everything was fine- just like I told you it would. Sorry I forgot about the colonoscopy when we saw each other at the WAAM.

    Beautiful ACEOs- as usual.

    PS I use that bullfighter image in my Keynote presentation about artists and taxes… the caption is “Let’s talk a little about those deductions you have listed…”

  2. lindan johnson Says:

    Yo Loel! decades ago you did some great little illustrations of cave men for a project when i worked at the Natl Assoc of Homebuilders- i’ve forgotten lots of things since then…like a couple of husbands, current events, where i live- but i’ve never forgotten you! of course FINDING you was a little trickier. tried to email you at your web site but it kept insisting it didn’t exist. ANYWAY… if you could drop me a lion and let me know the best way to contact you… i want to know if you’re still drawing flies… and other things to add some sort of humanity to corporate …er… bull? by the by- fabulous ART!!

  3. Patti Says:

    Lovely cards. loved the play on words. You are my hero as you know I am goin’ for the endoscopy and shortly thereafter the colon explorin’.
    Did you know there’s a ring around uranus?

    hahaha. How much do you sell your ACEO’s for BTW? Not sure how to price mine.

    Ms. Poots

  4. Leanne Says:

    Haha I just stumbled upon your blog, and I’ve gotta say, your first paragraph here was hilarious. 🙂 I’m glad you “repooperated” so fast!

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