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it’s been awhile…

September 29, 2009

..since I’ve posted anything at all here.  I was just checking out some friends’ blogs and grumbling about how long it had been since they’d added anything new, then realized I was equally guilty.  Somehow Facebook has sort of taken the place of blogs in my internet life…it’s so quick and easy.

But in hopes that maybe somebody out there cares, I’m once more resolving to keep up with this thing.  I’m no longer in my Garden Rant mood…the wedding happened, all was well, the yard looked lovely.  My ex and his wife, my son and my sweetie all came the weekend before and got lots done.  I’d given up on a lot of the plants, so we stuck new colorful ones in the ground, put up lights, etc, and on the wedding day masses of white balloons and vases full of farm flowers brightened it up.  The wedding was glorious, and after it was over I crashed…and shut the door to the back yard.  All the flowers immediately slumped after their moment of glory was over.

After a couple of weeks of doing as little as possible, I revved up and started working on new art for a show I’m having with Mary Anne Erickson at the Doghouse Gallery, opening this coming weekend.  I was inspired by the techniques and ideas I learned in Meredith Rosier’s amazing workshop at the Woodstock School of Art, and created a batch of fun new drawings which I’m actually kind of excited about.  Now to find something edible in my fridge….