More Pages

…from my sketchbook.  Hospital waiting room, at St. Francis in Peoria:

These pages took awhile; it’s part of Jessica and Bill’s living room.  If you look really closely you’ll see that it’s night out of one window and daylight out of another.  That’s frost on the left windowpane.


12 Responses to “More Pages”

  1. thegenerousweb Says:

    likes these

  2. Joan Ades Says:

    love this drawing! mood, place..
    keep me posted! xx J.

  3. Susan Sammis Goldson Says:

    Love this drawing! Wonderful…you are so talented.

  4. Leona Says:

    Nice captures and congrats on your new grdchild!

  5. debra Says:

    Lovely sketches, welcome to EDM

  6. Raena Says:

    Welcome to EDM! Your sketches are beautiful; you are quite talented! And congratulations on the new grandchild!

  7. Ann Says:

    I enjoyed looking through your blog. Wonderful sketches! Congrats on the new grandbaby! And welcome to EDM!

  8. Mari Says:

    Welcome to the group, this is really a lovely drawing (I also like the drawings from the waiting room at the hospital)… Looking forward seeing more of your work.

  9. Alex Tan Says:

    these sketches are amazing =)

  10. nancy t Says:

    What a wonderful set of sketches! Very well done, indeed. nancy

  11. Shalini Says:

    You make some really amazing sketches!! So glad I could visit your site.. Welcome to EDM!

  12. Krista Meister Says:

    Welcome to EDM! Your sketches are so detailed… hope you continue posting them. Congratulations on your new grandchild as well!

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