tattoos and masks

Yesterday I drove my friend Ann to the sweet little village of Phoenicia, where she got some new work done on the tattoo across her shoulders, at the Cosmic Art Studio.  I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos but haven’t yet gotten one of my own.  I may now, but not on my back after seeing Ann’s pain!  Next door was a magical shop where Wendy Drolma makes and sells her leather masks.

Then a bite to eat outdoors at the Alamo, surrounded by the bikers that love to ride the winding mountain roads, a visit to Lois Linet’s lovely show at Arts Upstairs, and some stops at yard sales. Nice day, but I got back too late and too tired to buy Marley’s special cat food or go to the art openings I’d planned to visit.


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4 Responses to “tattoos and masks”

  1. thegenerousweb Says:

    Biker shots are gorgeous! The bikers are caught at their best. And even better, enhanced.
    The words “artful dodger” comes to mind. Artful MacDodger?

  2. Sherrie Roberts Says:

    From everything I have seen on Tattoos! They all hurt. One girl had one put on Her Hip bone. They used extreme Bright Deep Red for the Heart and according to the kids involved they inked over the Hearts several times. She was still crying 3 days later — It Hurts Mommy!

  3. loelbarr Says:

    Ouch, Sherrie….I know….some body parts are more sensitive than others, and it seems the older you get the more they hurt. I’d like to have one before I die….but LITTLE so at least the pain won’t last so long!

  4. Sherrie Roberts Says:

    Well, I have been “Fascinated” by Tattoos forever I guess. Tattoos that marked Cartoon Characters, Characters in books, the old WWII Sailor movies and the very famous actor that did the rolling ship on His Chest. It was a painting. All the way back then. Hollywood could fool you. The actor had to practice and practice to get it to Get underway! The sailor that had the Tattoo could get under way as if it were being called out in order. I even have photo of my children I thought would be good. Then I created a heart to show my heart and my sons Hearts in their Birth month colors. The Father’s month is Garnet – blood red. It is never going to happen. The only tattoos I am going to have are my Smallpox scares – I have two on the same arm. I am more than willing for the third smallpox vaccination and scar tattoo, if it will get me to somewhere in Afghanistan to be with my Son. MOM! (Not going to happen!) Hope you select an emblem that has meaning for you! One of my sons has a Phoenix on his calf- modernized.

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