Good night, Irene…

The big storm has come and gone.  Over-hyped?  Yes and no.  It surprised everyone, as Mother Nature is wont to do; the storm wasn’t as bad as predicted, but the real damage occurred where we weren’t looking for it: the small villages and hamlets in the Catskills.  And it’s awful.  I’m always excited at the prospect of bad weather, thinking it will be like watching a great disaster movie, but when it’s real, and you see its results, it’s not fun at all.  There’s enough on the news and facebook, I don’t have to relate it, just wanted to post some of the pictures I took.  It wasn’t so bad in Saugerties, probably because most of the houses are built on the hills. Lower areas flooded, trees came down, many had no

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power, but mine didn’t go out, I just lost internet for a couple of days.  A plastic chair blew over.


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