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I’m a sucker for kittens.

September 16, 2011

When 17-year-old Marley died last February, I missed him.  Of course.  But oh, how quickly I grew to love my cat-free life.  No litter box scooping!  No cascades of furballs!   I could take off overnight or for a week without finding a cat sitter!  No more litter carried all over the house by his water bowl-dipped paws!   Ah, the freedom.  I figured a cat would find me when I was ready, and hoped it wouldn’t be too soon…but they’re here.  Jerry’s next door neighbor/jerk acquired a young tabby but then fell in lust with a lady and took off, dumping the cat outside.  Meanwhile, my friend Joan was driving at night on Tinker Street in Woodstock and spotted a teeny tiny cat in the middle of the road.  And guess what…yep…they’re both living with me now, though technically I’m sharing ownership with Jerry.  He kept referring to the kitten he rescued as “my cat” so his name became “Mike”,  with the prefix “Big” because…well, he is.  He’s about 3-4 months old, and little Tinker, also a tabby with sprinklings of white, was just 4 weeks when found, and is now around 6 weeks.  They were quick to become friends and start pretending they’re a hurricane and tornado as they tear through the house.  But my house feels like a home again, and I wonder how I ever could  have been happy without purring pooping shedding felines to share it with.

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