In the third grade I collected flies.  When it was my turn to bring the milk to my class for our morning break, I’d take a plastic box with me to the milk room and catch the flies that banged against the windows.  I kept the box in my desk, and as the flies weakened (I honestly thought they were becoming tame) I’d take out a few at a time and let them crawl on me. I was pretty bored in elementary school, preferring to draw pictures in my tablets to listening to the teacher drone on and on.  I still would rather draw than do almost anything else, and I’ve drawn a lot of flies over the years.  Once in awhile, I make a drawing that flies, that lifts above the other scribblings and lives.  I guess that’s why I keep on doing it.
Brief bio: I was born and raised in Kansas, daughter of a physics professor.  Got married, got an MFA in printmaking, traveled the world, lived in New Zealand, and settled finally in the Washington DC area, where I raised a daughter, Jessica, and a son, Alex, and worked as a freelance illustrator.  Now the kids are grown, I’m divorced, and living in the Hudson Valley of New York, still illustrating but spending more time with my own projects, which include drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage.  Happily ever after.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Patti Says:

    Keep writing Ms. Loel!!!!

  2. angela Says:

    Love your writing…. looking forward to more!

  3. Stephanie Ney Says:

    You still drawing flies? Maybe it’s time to take more showers! Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about my favorite Renaissance woman you launch into a new realm. I can’t even begin to keep up but will do my best.

  4. Stephanie Ney Says:

    You’re still drawing flies? Maybe it’s time to take more showers. just when i thought i knew all there was to know about my favorite Renaissance woman she launches into a new realm. i know I can’t keep up (seem to have already screwed up this comment since it still is “awaiting moderation”) but if this blog will make it easy to check in with you then that’s grand.

  5. readnshare Says:

  6. The Page Group Says:

    Love the flies story. I did the same thing with lightening bugs as we called them and I thought they were magical. Trapped them in a jar and poked holes in the top so they wouldn’t die. The next morning there were these big pre-historic BUGS crawling all over me. It took my mother awhile to calm me down!

    And as for elementary school, the teacher finally gave up and situated me in back of the class at an easel with as many crayons as I wanted. I can still recall the drawings of rag dolls (for some reason).

  7. Mike Says:

    I found a pen and ink piece that I hope is your work, done in 1971 for the AFL/CIO. How many pieces have you done for them. My fiancé works at the George Meany Campus of The National Labor College in Montgomery County, Maryland and we are both intrigued by the subject matter.

  8. loelbarr Says:

    Curious if you got my response to you question a few weeks ago…?

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