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Birthday Past

January 11, 2009

Well into the new year now, and with my birthday celebrated I finally feel like the holiday season is over and I’m settling back into working and routines: real life.  It’s always a relief to hit mid-January, with not much going on except watching weather reports and cancelling stuff because of the snow.  I’m a hibernator–hate being cold, but I’m happy to have an excuse to stay indoors with my books and music and projects.  For a couple of days anyway…then I get antsy.  Snow yesterday, antsy today, going out to do something…movie? music? tonight, to get the brain working again.

A couple of weeks ago, I did my third workshop with Christie Scheele’s daughter Tessa and her friends, Anna and Sonya. Christie worked with us too, this time…I hope they had as much fun as I did.  The 3 hours just zoomed by; I think I’ll add another hour next time we do it, if they’re up to that.  I’ve always been nervous about doing workshops…do I have anything to teach?  Can I transmit what I know so that it’s useful?  Do I go too fast, too slow, give too much info, too little?  I’ve worked with these kids and with a small group of artists, showing them collage techniques and getting feedback, so my confidence is gradually building.  I hope to one day (with better lighting in my studio!) give workshops and classes on a regular basis, both for the joy of sharing and for a little extra income.  With illustration work at an all-time low for me, I’m trying to add to my income with small projects.  I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, but it’s better than just whining. Here are a couple of photos of the last workshop–they all did fabulous work, making collaged accordian books.


My current project is making more little ACEO’s.  I know I can’t sell them for much, despite their complexity, and unless I get my process speeded up considerably, it won’t be worth the time involved to make them.  But I did set up an ETSY shop with four of these little gems, and I hope to put some at Arts Upstairs, in Phoenicia.  Check out my shop here…I’m kinda proud of myself for doing it! .  Any feedback would be much appreciated.

My friend Polly Law is offering a workshop in making ACEO’s, next Saturday (January 17).  It’s sure to be wonderful; she has such technical skill and originality, and she’s priced it quite reasonably; I surely encourage anyone in the area to sign up fast–give her a call.actsinvitea

Express yourself in just 8.65 square inches!
A workshop to explore the world of itty-bitty art made to trade with other artists or sell, your choice.
Artists Trading Cards are the art equivalent of baseball cards, 2.5″x3.5″ in size, materials and expression are open. They are as hot as pancakes right now- well, little tiny pancakes; but unlike flapjacks, they don’t pack on the pounds or raise your triglyceride levels.
Learn some new techniques, teach some new techniques, play with some new materials.
My studio can only acommodate 6 participants so please prepay with PayPal to reserve your space.
I will provide 5 blanks per person, fancy papers, magazines for collage elements, a printer, rubber stamp type, hole-punches, paints, Bill Wills and Django Reinhardt on the stereo, and assorted other bits and bobs.
Please bring any other materials you want to work with- think of it as an art-materials pot-luck- Elmer’s glue or Yes! paste, double-stickum tape (no glue sticks!!!), an exacto knife and blades, and your own brushes. (Catskill Art Supply is right down the block if needed.)

Caveats: My studio is a 3rd floor walk-up and there is a cat on the premises. Plenty of parking on Wall Street and 3 free lots on N. Front Street.

And now back to work…..!

WAAM holiday show

November 19, 2008

The holiday show at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum will be opening next week; this is the piece I put in.  I helped sign people in, and there was a lot of good work at great prices…well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  This is a collage I did a few months ago.