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June 16, 2011

On June 1, my daughter Jessica and I returned from our long-anticipated trip to Ireland, which neither of us had visited.  We had a wonderful time, and both fell in love with that magical island.  And it was so….Irish!  People had Irish accents!  They drank Guinness (it does taste better there) and played Irish tunes in the pubs!  The landscape was an unbelievable green, dotted with sheep and sprinkled with crumbling ruins.  We had purchased a travel package I found on Travelocity, which included air fare, car rental (well sorta, there were a bunch of extra charges when we got there) and luxury accommodations  (jeez, I just forgot how to spell that word)  for a really great price.  Jess treated me to the tickets and I bought the food…I got the better end of that stick.  We stayed near the little village of Portarlington in County Laois, about an hour southwest of Dublin (and near Moneygall, where Obama visited the day before we got there) in a fancy apartment at a spa resort.  We took day trips from there, including a day in Dublin, then had a night in fabulous Galway and a couple of nights in Limerick before heading home.  Jess drove, I navigated, and the car didn’t have a single scratch when we returned it, despite the anxiety of driving on the left.  Well, the passenger side mirror got its casing knocked off on a narrow street, but it popped right back on.

I’m still going through the zillions of photos we took because of course I have to fiddle with each one, but I’m going to start posting a few….more to come!  And YES it really was that green.  No photoshop saturation.



March 19, 2010

Wow, I hadn’t realized how very LONG it’s been since I did anything here…I started a blog for the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum ( and when I got busy keeping up with that, I let this one languish.  And…I’ve never felt anyone was really that interested in my daily comings and goings.  My photographer friend Sue suggested I post pages from my sketchbooks, so I thought I’d go with that idea for awhile…sketching is pretty much my favorite thing to do.

I’ll start with pages, a pair every few days if I’m not too lazy or busy, from my current Moleskine book.  I love these sketchbooks, with their solid binding, smooth heavy creamy pages.  I use a ballpoint pen almost exclusively…love the way it flows across the paper, the variations in texture and line I can achieve without worrying about pencil sharpening and smudging.

The first group of pages are from a trip I took to Eureka Illinois, in January. My daughter teaches at Eureka College there, and had to undergo a small procedure to cauterize an errant nerve in her heart.  I had many subjects in the airports and waiting rooms where I spent hours, as well as in the home she shares with her husband, a professor of religion at the same school. This pair of pages was sketched at the Detroit Airport, waiting for my flight to Peoria. (My daughter is fine, by the way!)